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Tips When Studying Abroad- China Zhangjiakou City Nov 27, 2017

Tips When Studying Abroad China Zhangjiakou City.png

Every year, many foreign students relocate to China to pursue further studies in degrees such as MBBS, computer sciences, electrical engineering and many more. This results in many of these students having unanswered questions regarding studying abroad, as this move is a big choice and is often difficult for many. Before moving to China many students have the impression that it is a difficult country to live in, and that communication is extremely difficult due to the language difference.


These students are then surprised upon their arrival in China, as they soon find that many Chinese people speak English, especially Chinese students. Living in China is not as difficult as it initially seems. The city of Zhangjiakou is located in the Hebei province, many schools in this city are often chosen by international students and Zhangjiakou is one such city where many students reside.


There are some tips which may ease a students mind regarding relocating to China:


Know general Chinese words:

Before moving, it is important to know a few Chinese words, such as directions (left, right, straight and u-turn, how much, I do not understand) It is important to know these words and phrases with correct tones and pronunciation. These simple words will come in extremely handy when initially arriving in China.

Social networking:

Apps such as WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram and Safari are blocked in China, therefore a student should download a VPN app which grants access to these apps. It is also important upon arrival in China to purchase a Chinese SIM card and download WeChat. WeChat is the most common used messaging app in China and it is essential for every student to have in order to successfully communicate.


Before leaving for China, it is important to research which foods and supermarkets available. In Zhangjiakou, there are two famous grocery stores, one is Chaoshi Fan (CSF) and the other is Tesco. Zhangjiakou has many diverse foods and places to purchase foods, yet it is still important to enquire what is not available, if you plan on taking certain food items along with you to China.


Zhangjiakou is a simple city to live in with many shopping complexes, beautiful locations, comfortable accommodation and friendly people. If you’re considering moving in to this city, it is definitely a move worth making and is one which many international students have made and continue to make.