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Universities for Economics Nov 29, 2017

Top Universities for Economics.png

Choosing the perfect university for you to start your career journey can be very challenging. One has to do thorough research on a few possible universities they have in mind to consider. Deciding you want to study economics is wonderful, but deciding you want to abroad and study economics in China is even better. Obviously you are going to want to attend one of the top economic universities that has great success and a high potential rate. There are many great economic universities in China that it is almost impossible to narrow it down and rank the top economic universities, but here is a list complied of a few top economic universities in the whole of China in no particular order.

Nanchang University – has over 36 000 students enrolled. They own and run 26 national and provincial key laborites and research institutes. Nanchang has a warm climate. Their library has a huge collection of over 39 500 volumes and they are in many foreign languages not only Chinese. The university has a very good reputation for accommodating international students.

Fudan University – is one of the most highly recommended universities in China. It is located in Shanghai, has 17 schools and enrolls over 45 000 students of which 1 760 are international students ranking it second nationally. They have nearly close to two million volumes in their library that are international books only.

Wuhan University – it is known for being one of the most beautiful universities in China and is ranked in the top 10 universities in China. Has over 1 500 international students and has a large selection of over 5,4 million volumes available in their library.

Xiamen University – is ranked 11th in the whole of China and in the top 100 universities in the world. It is located at the foothills of mountains which overlooks the ocean and surrounded by Xiamen bay. It is one of the most beautiful settings. Xiamen recently opened an overseas university in Malaysia making it the first ever Chinese overseas university. Xiamen university has 20 schools and 44 departments and has over 2 800 international students amongst its 40 000 enrollments.

Many universities in china have worked together with the government to make every university match up to international standards and these universities are suitably affordable. If you are keen on studying economics in China, one of these economics university should be definitely on your list to consider.