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University of Economics Nov 28, 2017

Economics Entry Requirements.png

The following article will discuss the entry requirements required for an economic degree as well as what is meant by economics and the career opportunities available from studying economics.

Economics is the offshoot of knowledge associated with consumptions, production and transfer of wealth. It investigates the issues that affect financial decisions and situations as well as how the world’s resources are used and distributed to organizations and individuals. In order to understand economics, one has to study psychology, sociology, law, politics, history and geography at local and global levels.

Economic degrees are not based on logic, it is based on facts and one has to combine the facts with economic theory. When choosing economics, one has to have a good capability for mathematics and must be well read on current affairs. It can also be offered as part of an honors degree joined with other subjects such as computer sciences and mathematics.

Within economics there are two styles, macroeconomics and microeconomics. Macroeconomics investigates economies on a national scale which deals with economic growth, unemployment, inflation etc. Microeconomics studies the interactions and the practices of individual agents ie, patrons, companies, households etc.

Economic results are concluded from how much effort and good work you put into your projects, assignments and examinations. There are two economic degrees ; Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Science (BSc). The BA degree focuses more on qualitative units and the BSc degree deals with mainly the application of mathematics and the theory of statistics.

Within the economic degree of requirements, one has to study the behaviors of an individual within an organization which is known as organizational behavior

Once qualified from an economic degree, one may venture into different fields or careers such as economist, a financial analyst etc. with an economic degree, there are many different job opportunities one can pursue.