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Welcome to Campus Nov 13, 2017

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I am delighted to welcome our incoming (freshmen) and returning (continuing) students to the University. As students, you are the heart of our campus community and the professors are well prepared to meet you. We believed you had a pleasant vacation back home.  As part of the university experience, you also will get peers who share the same interest as you.  

You will have the opportunity to get to know new people and gain numerous valuable life skills through thousand of campus activities. Our campus is well arranged in a way that one cannot get lost locating his/her building and has been acknowledged for our emphasis on credibility and affordability as well. 

We are recognized in the world by our good work that we have been doing. We all know the purpose of coming here, we must study hard to hit our target and make our parents proud. We welcome you the freshmen to our university. The freshmen as you are new on campus please try as much as possible not to get yourself into trouble. The university is yours, such as the library it was made for you so kindly make use of it. There will be a matriculation to show you around the campus. Do not feel so intimidated if there is anything bothering just walk in to the students affairs office. They are here to solve your problems for you. Do not be afraid to approach any lecturer with your problem and do not be shy to ask any question in class if you do not understand what the professor is teaching. 

There is a football team on campus so if anyone is interested that person can join and is part of exercise though. We ask that you uphold and respect the integrity of our university by being good students and not to flatter the law. A word of advice please does not follow any bad friends. Be who you are and study hard to become great person in the future. We ask you to join with us in preserving the values we adore as an academic institution, creating a place that is respectful, supportive and we say you are all welcome.