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Why China but not any other Country Nov 22, 2017

Why China but not any other Country.png

China has the largest population in the world and are still one of the greatest and powerful countries in the world. There are many other countries having the same courses but I’m insinuating the Chinese system for because that is the best. The Chinese system makes learning easier by providing high quality facilities and also the country has state library’s in which anyone can go in to acquire knowledge. 

There are many books one can find in the library, they include the encyclopedia and many other educational books that helps improve the educational system. Devices like laptops and many other devices are less expensive in other for students to have access to them and this make learning very easy and interesting. The system also give you what you really needs and gives you a brighter future. Things are made easier with the power of the strong internet the country holds therefore one can buy food or any thing online and it will deposited to him or her door to door. The strong internet that holds on in the country makes it avaliable for anyone to retrieve information from the internet. 

Also China teaches one to be morally upright and a responsible adult. They government sometimes bring about some activities that helps to train the brain and it mostly help students although the exercise is for people in the whole country. Also the government gets advice from the foreign students and the challenges the face, then the government tries to solve them and make the foreigners feel comfortable in the country.