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Why MBBS in China Nov 17, 2017

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Medicine includes is a multi-disciplinary that focus on the diagnosis, treatment, prevention of illnesses and diseases as well as the care and rehabilitation of human beings and other living organisms.

 Medicine is one of the respected professions and courses in the world. Before one can become a doctor it takes hard working, determination and perseverance. In this university we dive into more research that any other university in the world. Medicine covers a lot of courses such as psychology, laboratory diagnosis, anatomy, pharmacy, nursing and so forth. We have 9 affiliated hospitals which our students allowed to do their practical work. Our lecturers are Doctors from all over the world like USA, Canada, Australia, UK and so forth. We know knowledge and skills from the physical and social sciences, towards the provision of appropriate care. 

The school creates avenues for the future Doctors (medical students) to be able to apply work all over the world. We train them to face the world and also solve the world’s problem. In other for one to become a great doctor he needs to focuses on a great part of active research, generally spend time on books and study hard on things related to the field of medicine and health include: general practicions, surgeon, veterinary doctor, psychiatrist, medical technician, nurse, hospital administrator, dietician, pharmacist, and more. Medical approach and clinical practice differs across the world due to regional differences in culture and technology.