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Why Study International Relations and Politics in China Nov 28, 2017

A Comparison Between The Expectations of MBBS in China and The Reality.png


The study of international relations and politics is one where individuals are taught to carefully assess how politics affect trading relations between two or more countries. This is an important role as it can directly affect the markets of a country and therefore the economy. Politics are of extreme importance in a country as markets and trading relations can easily be affected by the politics and beliefs of a country. It is therefore necessary for a country to have individuals equipped with the necessary knowledge to assess the politics and relations of a country in order to make correct decisions and to formulate better ways of business dealings with other countries.


With China being so often chosen as a country of study for international students for many different degrees and courses, there is a common question asked- why do this specific degree in China? The answers to this question may vary depending on the individual.


The common answer is that China offers a hands on experience in degrees like this which is unalike any other country. Due to China’s fast economic growth, China has many international relations with other countries as they are one of the worlds largest exporters. This creates the opportunity for students pursuing this degree to have a hands on experience and assess China’s many international relations. Before completing a degree the only way for students to understand international relations and politics is through a textbook. However, this is not the case in China. Students in China get a hands on experience of the degree they choose to study. This can only increase their behavior academically in a positive way.


China offers scholarships to not only students of their own country but to international students as well, based on academic results and behavior in class. This is an extremely good incentive for foreign students as this opportunity is rare. Therefore, students who choose China to study will save a lot financially.


China’s institutes are all recognized by world organizations and are relatively affordable. This is one of the major reasons to do this degree in China. The course on its own is generally an expensive one yet this differs in China while still being quality education.


China offers world class education at an affordable price while still providing incentives for foreign students which is an opportunity not to be missed.