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Why You Have To Study In Hebei North University Oct 25, 2017


The university is a comprehensive regional university established with the approval of the Ministry of Education of China.

This university is very popular among prospective applicants because of the diverse nature of programmes offered to students.

The university has an innovative and flexible approach towards academic instructions that incorporates multiple programme paths to suit their future aspirations. Though all programmes are directed at training students to become seasoned in their chosen field, they are also developed to promote self-employment as successful entrepreneurs and provide employment opportunities to the youth.

The university offers wide range of courses ranging from undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in the Arts and Creative industries, Business, medicine, computer science and more.

Students have reading rooms, library, e-library, technology labs for practicing their ICT skills supported by its well-trained Lab Assistants, laboratory with well equipped resources. Of all, English-medium bachelor's degree programs International Economy and Trade (College of International Cooperation) and Marketing (College of International Cooperation) have been preferred among International students.