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International Relations Courses

  • International Relations Undergraduate

    International Relations Undergraduate

    INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS UNDERGRADUATE Who is an Undergraduate? An undergraduate is a student that is about to undergo post-secondary school education. Simply put, an undergraduate is a student who has successfully completed senior high school and is applying to enter the...

  • PHD international Relations

    PHD international Relations

    PhD INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS What is a PhD? Doctor of Philosophy, abbreviated as PhD is doctorate degree that is awarded after completion of a wide range of programs in sciences. PHD degree is the highest academic level in certain fields, and it’s only awarded to people who...

  • MA International Studies

    MA International Studies

    MA INTERNATIONAL STUDIES ● International Affairs and Public Policy, M.A. This programme is designed to prepare graduates for a wide range of careers in the field of international relations. It will provide you with the academic and analytical skills necessary to understand...

  • International Relations PHD

    International Relations PHD

    Founded in 1902, Beijing Normal University (BNU) has a distinguished history of scholarship, research and training in education. The university developed from the Faculty of Education of Capital Metropolitan University, which initiated the first modern teacher-training...

  • PHD in International Relations

    PHD in International Relations

    Phd IN INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS PHD degree is the highest academic level, and its only awarded to people who have reached the highest professional knowledge level. As a part of political science, international relations also cover aspects related to the roles of most...

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