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  • ​Design Art

    ​Design Art

    ​Design Art: Students in this major will mainly study the basic principles and basic knowledge of art design,

  • Fine Arts

    Fine Arts

    ​Fine Arts: The fine arts major cultivates teaching and scientific research in fine arts history and fine arts education,

  • Drama And Film Studies

    Drama And Film Studies

    Drama and Film Studies: Drama and film and TV studies are first-class disciplines and belong to the arts.

  • Radio And Television Arts

    Radio And Television Arts

    Radio and Television Arts: Radio and television art is a secondary subject under the discipline of art studies.

  • Drama Drama Studies

    Drama Drama Studies

    ​Drama drama studies: Drama drama is a study and study of the theories and history of theatre drama.

  • Music And Dance

    Music And Dance

    The first-level discipline of music and dance aims at cultivating high-quality and complex talents with high academic research capabilities and innovative, pioneering, and time-based creative abilities. This discipline emphasizes the higher-level academic exploration of art...

  • Musicology


    Musicology is the general term for all theoretical disciplines that study music. The general task of musicology is to clarify the nature and laws of music through various phenomena related to music. Such as the study of the relationship between music and ideology, music...

  • Art


    Art refers to the study of the art of art as a whole, that is, art refers to the systematic study of various issues concerning art. Further, "Arts is the study of the nature, purpose, role, and methods of art. It is a humanistic science with theoretical and academic...

  • Archives


    Archival science is a secondary discipline under the first-level discipline of library, intelligence and archives management. Archival science is the discipline that studies the development law of archives, archival work and archives, and the theory, principles and methods of...

  • Library Science

    Library Science

    Library science is the science that studies the development, organization and management of libraries and the laws of library work. Its purpose is to sum up the practical experience of library work and library undertakings, and to establish a scientific theoretical system of...

  • Land Resource Management

    Land Resource Management

    Land resource management is one of the secondary disciplines under the first-level discipline of public administration. It is a science that studies the use, allocation, and management of land resources and assets. It is an important basic component of human-earth relations,...

  • Social Security

    Social Security

    Social security means that the state adopts legislation that actively mobilizes resources in all aspects of society, and through income redistribution, guarantees that citizens without income, low income, and various accidental disasters can survive and protect workers in old...

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