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Agronomy is a traditional discipline in the field of agricultural sciences. It is the primary responsibility to address the “meals and clothes” of human beings.
  • Forensic Science

    Forensic Science

    Forensic medicine is an evidence-based medicine that applies clinical medicine, bioinformatics, pharmacy, and other natural science theories and techniques to solve legal problems. It is used to provide scientific evidence for criminal investigations and trials of civil or...

  • Grass Science

    Grass Science

    The discipline always adheres to the tenet of teaching, scientific research and serving local economic construction. It fully utilizes abundant biological diversity and unique habitat conditions, focusing on genetic breeding of grass germplasm resources, grassland ecology and...

  • Fishery Resources

    Fishery Resources

    Fishery resources refer to the total population of economic animals, plants, crustaceans, shellfish, algae, and marine mammals that have development and utilization value in natural waters. The natural source and foundation of fishery production. Also known as aquaculture...

  • Fishing


    Fishing Science is a sub-discipline of aquatic production. It is a comprehensive discipline that aims to harvest economical aquatic biological resources, researching fishing tackle and fishing methods, the environment of fishing grounds, and the biological learning of fishing...

  • Aquaculture


    Aquaculture is a production activity that reproduces, breeds, and harvests aquatic animals and plants under human control. It generally includes the whole process of growing aquatic products from seedlings under artificial rearing management. The proliferation of aquatic...

  • Aquatic Products

    Aquatic Products

    The collective name for animals or algae produced in oceans, rivers, and lakes, and the general term for related services or processing industries. Such as: aquatic products processing, aquatic products drugs, aquatic products export trade, ornamental aquatic products and so...

  • Soil And Water Conservation And Desertification Control

    Soil And Water Conservation And Desertification Control

    Soil and Water Conservation and Desertification Control (Soil and Water Conservation and Desertification Combating), is an environmental and ecological disciplines, belongs to science, engineering, agriculture, water, forests and other professional cross-discipline,...

  • Garden Plants And Ornamental Gardening

    Garden Plants And Ornamental Gardening

    Garden plants and ornamental gardening are one of the secondary disciplines of gardens. Graduates can engage in urban green space systems, various types of parks, scenic areas, industrial and mining areas in urban construction departments, gardening departments, research...

  • Wildlife Conservation And Utilization

    Wildlife Conservation And Utilization

    The secondary disciplines of forestry studies have roughly studied the contents of the three directions. They are the protection and utilization of wild animal and plant resources in China, and the chemistry of plant resources. The discipline has distinctive features and...

  • Forest Managers

    Forest Managers

    The discipline of forest management belongs to the field of resource management and is the main branch of forestry. It is a discipline that studies theories, methods and techniques of forest zoning, investigation and evaluation, forest growth and harvest, business...

  • Forest Conservation

    Forest Conservation

    The forest protection discipline is an important part of forestry science and is a discipline on the theory and technology of forest pests and diseases and their pest control. Based on the principles and methods of ecology and economics, it shoulders the important task of...

  • Forest Cultivation

    Forest Cultivation

    Forest cultivation is a production process that produces and protects the environment needed for the survival of human beings and living creatures through the bioconversion of trees and forests with solar energy and other substances, the production of foodstuffs needed by...

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