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Radio And Television Arts

Radio And Television Arts

Radio and Television Arts: Radio and television art is a secondary subject under the discipline of art studies.

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 Radio and television art is a secondary subject under the discipline of art studies. 

It is a new discipline that arises from the combination of art and electronic technology. 

International broadcast media emerged in the 1920s and television media emerged in the 1930s. 

Since the 1950s, the rapid development of broadcasting and television has become a powerful audio-visual medium that affects all fields of society in the latter half of the 20th century. 

With the development and popularization of new technologies such as multimedia technology and information superhighway, 

the information volume of radio and television arts will be more abundant, and the audiovisual arts will be more varied. 

As an important part of the social literary form, radio and television arts are in the construction of spiritual civilization. 

The middle plays an important role that is difficult to substitute. 

This subject focuses on the history and art theory of radio and television art. The research on the laws of radio and television literary creation has a close relationship with the secondary disciplines of arts such as musicology, fine arts, art design, drama and drama, film, and dance

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