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Economics is the study of the law of human economic activity, that is, the law of the creation, transformation, and realization of value—the theory of economic development.
  • Education Economics And Management

    Education Economics And Management

    Education economics and management is a new edge discipline and interdisciplinarity.

  • Quantitative Economics

    Quantitative Economics

    The discipline is a newly emerging interdisciplinary, which integrates economics, mathematics, statistics and computer technology, studies the theory and method of quantitative economy, explores the relationship between various economic quantities and its development and...

  • Statistics


    Statistics: Simply put, the purpose of statistical research is to seek the regularity of various phenomena and predict the future. Statistics are divided into general statistics and economic statistics two professional directions. General statistics mainly study the basic...

  • Labor Economics

    Labor Economics

    Labor economics is based on economics and is closely related to industrial economics and management. It is a discipline that studies the effective allocation of labor resources and belongs to the second-level disciplines under applied economics of first-level disciplines. My...

  • International Trade

    International Trade

    International Trade: International trade is a subject of applied economics, mainly studying international trade theory and policy, international business operation, international business and global marketing, risk analysis and avoidance of international trade, developing...

  • Industrial Economics

    Industrial Economics

    Industrial Economics: Industrial economics is a discipline that studies the theories of industrial development, industrial structure, industrial relations, industrial organization and management, and industrial policy in the national economy, and is an emerging applied...

  • Finance1


    Finance is a discipline that studies the theories and methods of monetary and capital movements, resource allocation and macroeconomic regulation and control in all fields of economic activity. It is a combination of both theoretical and practical aspects, with micro and...

  • Financial Science

    Financial Science

    Financial Science: Financial science is a discipline that studies the formation and development of the financial distribution with the state as the main body. It mainly studies how the state can share a certain share of the social productive achievements and realize the needs...

  • Regional Economics

    Regional Economics

    Regional Economics: Regional economics is an applied subject that studies the characteristics of the regional economic operation and its law of development from an economic point of view. It mainly studies issues such as regional economic development conditions, operational...

  • Applied Economics

    Applied Economics

    applied economics: Applied economics is the application of the basic principles of theoretical economics to study the various sectors of the national economy, various professional fields of economic activity and the law of economic relations, or non-economic activities in the...

  • Population, Resources And Environmental Economics

    Population, Resources And Environmental Economics

    Population, Resources and Environmental Economics: Based on the basic principles and methods of modern economics, this subject mainly focuses on population growth, economic development and rational development of natural resources based on the interrelation among population,...

  • World Economy

    World Economy

    World Economy: Adapt to the needs of China's economic reform, opening up and development, and continuously introduce the theoretical frontier research results and the latest practices into the teaching process so as to gradually realize the internationalization,...

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