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Engineering is the general term for engineering disciplines.
  • Design


    As a new discipline, the emergence of design learning is an event since the 20th century; as a specialized discipline, it undoubtedly has its own research object. Because of the relationship between design and specific material production and science and technology, this...

  • Management Science And Engineering

    Management Science And Engineering

    Management science and engineering is a discipline that integrates the management of science, management science, mathematics, economics and behavioral sciences and engineering methods, and information technology research to solve social, economic and engineering problems....

  • Public Security Technology

    Public Security Technology

    Public security technology is criminal science and technology, fire engineering, security engineering, traffic management engineering, nuclear and chemical fire and so on. Training objectives: The professional training with trace test, document identification. Trace evidence...

  • Safety Science And Engineering

    Safety Science And Engineering

    Safety science and engineering "is a comprehensive science subject, which includes safety science and safety engineering as well as the three levels of integration between the two, the research object can be reflected from the content of safety science and...

  • Biological Engineering

    Biological Engineering

    Bioengineering is a new and comprehensive applied discipline that has started to emerge in the early 1970s. In the 1990s, the concept of bioengineering based on system theory was born, that is, the concept of systematic bioengineering. The so-called bio-engineering is...

  • Software Engineering

    Software Engineering

    Software Engineering is a discipline that studies the engineering, construction, and maintenance of effective, practical, and high-quality software. It involves programming languages, databases, software development tools, system platforms, standards, design patterns and so...

  • Landscape Architecture

    Landscape Architecture

    Landscape architecture is an ancient and young subject. As an important carrier of human civilization, gardens, landscapes and landscapes have existed for thousands of years. As a modern discipline, landscape gardens can be traced back to the end of the 19th century and early...

  • Urban And Rural Planning

    Urban And Rural Planning

    Urban and rural planning belongs to engineering, taking life and ecology of social ecological resources into consideration with the construction of urban and rural areas. Professional education in urban and rural planning is an important guarantee for the technology of...

  • Aquatic Products Processing And Storage Engineering

    Aquatic Products Processing And Storage Engineering

    The discipline of "Aquatic Products Processing and Storage Engineering" is a discipline that focuses on the utilization of aquatic biological resources, processing of aquatic products, storage of aquatic products, and refrigeration and cryogenics. The main research...

  • Agricultural Products Processing And Storage Engineering

    Agricultural Products Processing And Storage Engineering

    The subject of "Agricultural Products Processing and Storage Engineering" is a discipline that takes agricultural products as the research object and biology and engineering as the basis to study basic science and engineering problems such as storage and...

  • Grain, Oil And Plant Protein Engineering

    Grain, Oil And Plant Protein Engineering

    Grain, oil and plant protein engineering focuses on the physical and chemical properties, edible quality, processing quality and modern processing technologies of bulk agricultural products such as grain, oil and plant protein, and focuses on the in-depth exploitation and...

  • Food Science

    Food Science

    Food science cultivates the advanced engineering of Food Science and Engineering with the knowledge of chemistry, biology, food engineering and food technology, and can engage in food production technology management, quality control, product development, scientific research...

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