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Jurisprudence is a science based on laws, legal phenomena, and its regularity. It is a specialized knowledge of research-related issues and a system of knowledge and theory on legal issues.
  • Social Security

    Social Security

    Social security means that the state adopts legislation that actively mobilizes resources in all aspects of society, and through income redistribution, guarantees that citizens without income, low income, and various accidental disasters can survive and protect workers in old...

  • Folklore


    Folklore A study of folk customs, habits and other social sciences Folklore is a study of beliefs, customs, oral traditions, traditional cultures and modes of thinking to clarify the rheological significance of these folklore phenomena in time and space . Folklore is closely...

  • Anthropology


    The professional training master the basic theory and method of anthropology, sociology, culture of science and moral comprehensive development, with modern scientific thinking and excellent humanity quality of specialized personnel. The students study culture anthropology,...

  • Demography


    Demography is a science that studies the process and laws of population change. Population reproduction and labor reproduction are produced under certain economic and social conditions. In turn, various characteristics of the population are one of the major factors that...

  • Sociology


    Sociology is a subject that analyzes various social phenomena, studies human behavior in society and seeks to solve social problems. The research field involves families, schools and enterprises around us to the national and even international community. In learning, we will...

  • Diplomacy


    Diplomacy major is to study the formulation of foreign policy in sovereign countries and the implementation of diplomatic behavior and disciplines. The main object of study is the diplomatic practice of the state exercising sovereignty over foreign countries and the...

  • 1International Relations

    1International Relations

    The political relations between countries are the content of the study. International relations is the law that studies the interaction between countries. Including the political relations among nations, the exchanges among nations, the negotiations among nations, the...

  • International Politics

    International Politics

    International politics refers to the global political activities. It has great relations with international relations, mutual benefits and cooperation among nations, and political dynamics in various countries. As a subject, it is to study the transnational interaction of...

  • International Law

    International Law

    International jurisprudence is a discipline that has been developed by studying the various laws that govern the various states involved. Including international public law, private international law, international economic law, international criminal law and so on. The...

  • Environment And Resources Conservation Law

    Environment And Resources Conservation Law

    Environment and Resources Conservation Law is a new fringe discipline. It is not only a branch of law, but also a branch of environmental science with obvious characteristics of cross-penetration between natural sciences and social sciences. From a legal point of view,...

  • Economic Law

    Economic Law

    Economic law is a very important legal department in China's socialist legal system. By actively giving and effectively protecting the broad economic rights of citizens and enterprises, the long-term goal of promoting the healthy development of the socialist market...

  • Procedural Law

    Procedural Law

    Litigation jurisprudence is a departmental law that focuses on the procedural law that defines how litigation should be conducted. There are mainly three branches of litigation law, namely, criminal procedure law, civil procedure law and administrative litigation law, which...

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