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Literature is an art that uses language and writing as a tool to visually reflect objective reality and express the writer's spiritual world. It includes genres such as poetry, prose, fiction, script, fables, and fairy tales.
  • Archives


    Archival science is a secondary discipline under the first-level discipline of library, intelligence and archives management. Archival science is the discipline that studies the development law of archives, archival work and archives, and the theory, principles and methods of...

  • Library Science

    Library Science

    Library science is the science that studies the development, organization and management of libraries and the laws of library work. Its purpose is to sum up the practical experience of library work and library undertakings, and to establish a scientific theoretical system of...

  • Communication Studies

    Communication Studies

    Communication Studies is a study of the laws of occurrence and development of all dissemination and dissemination of human beings as well as the dissemination of relationships with people and society. It is a science that studies the social information system and its...

  • Journalism


    Journalism is the science that studies the laws of journalism and journalism. Journalism is based on objectively existing news phenomenon in human society. Its research focuses on the relationship between journalism and human society, and explores the science of journalism,...

  • Journalism And Communication

    Journalism And Communication

    Journalism and Communication Studies is a discipline that studies news activities, communication activities, and other phenomena of human communication. This subject takes the human social news and information dissemination activities as objects, and studies the relationship...

  • Foreign Linguistics And Applied Linguistics

    Foreign Linguistics And Applied Linguistics

    Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics is a relatively new profession. In addition to linguistic ontology theoretical research, more attention is paid to the application of language. The scope of research is very extensive. It focuses on the linguistic branch of language...

  • Asian-African Languages And Literature

    Asian-African Languages And Literature

    The Asian-African language and literature discipline is one of the first disciplines to carry out teaching and research in Asian-African languages and literature. The languages covered are Vietnamese, Indonesian, Filipino, Thai, Burmese, Korean (Korean), Mongolian, Persian,...

  • European Language And Literature

    European Language And Literature

    The basic stage of European language and literature teaching at the basic stage of listening, speaking, reading, writing, translation of the basic skills training, senior grades to further enhance discipline-oriented teaching and comprehensive ability to raise professional...

  • Arabic Language And Literature

    Arabic Language And Literature

    Arabic Language and Literature is cultivating students who have a solid knowledge of the relevant language and sciences and a wide range of scientific and cultural knowledge. They can also translate, study, teach and manage foreign languages, economy and trade, culture, press...

  • Spanish Language And Literature

    Spanish Language And Literature

    Spanish Language and Literature students mainly study Spanish language, literature, history, politics, economics, diplomacy, social culture and other aspects of the basic theory and basic knowledge, subject to Spanish listening, speaking, reading, writing, translation and...

  • Indian Language And Literature

    Indian Language And Literature

    Indian literature is one of the earliest established disciplines of "Indian language and literature" for the master's degree and doctoral degree in China. It is part of the discipline of Indian language and literature selected by the state in 2002 and is...

  • Japanese Language And Literature

    Japanese Language And Literature

    Japanese language and literature is a secondary subject of foreign language and literature. This major mainly studies Japanese law, characteristic and so on. Including the Japanese grammar, vocabulary and other forms, including structure, semantics, functions, including the...

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