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Medicine is a discipline that deals with various diseases or diseases of the human body through scientific or technological means. It is the applied subject of biology, divided into basic medicine and clinical medicine. Advanced science in dealing with human diseases from the perspective of anatomy and molecular genetics. It is a systematic discipline from prevention to treatment of diseases. Its research fields include basic medicine, clinical medicine, forensic medicine, laboratory medicine, preventive medicine, health medicine, and rehabilitation medicine.
  • Nursing


    Nursing is a comprehensive applied science that studies, maintains, restores, and restores human health care theories, knowledge, skills, and development laws based on the theory of natural sciences and social sciences. It is an independent discipline in medical science....

  • Medical Technology

    Medical Technology

    The main research directions and research contents of the majors covered by the first-level medical technology are closely integrated with the application of diagnostic and therapeutic technologies and professional development of medical engineering techniques related to...

  • Chinese Materia Media

    Chinese Materia Media

    Chinese materia media is a discipline that studies the basic theory and clinical application of traditional Chinese medicine and is one of the basic disciplines of Chinese medicine. The content includes the concepts of Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese medicine, the...

  • Pharmacology


    Pharmacology is one of the two disciplines of pharmacy. Pharmacology is the science that studies the interaction between drugs and organisms (including pathogens) and their action rules. The main task of pharmacology is to clarify the laws of drug action to guide clinical use...

  • Microbiology And Biochemical Pharmacy

    Microbiology And Biochemical Pharmacy

    Microbiology and Biochemical Pharmacy is a new discipline in advanced molecular biology techniques such as DNA recombination technology, molecular cloning technology and biochemical technology to graduate medicines and biological products. It is based on the pharmaceutical,...

  • Pharmaceutical Analysis

    Pharmaceutical Analysis

    Pharmaceutical analysis is the second-level subject under the first-level discipline of pharmacy. It is the use of physical chemistry, physical chemistry, biology and microbiology methods and technologies to study the qualitative and quantitative analysis of drugs, drug...

  • Pharmacognosy


    Pharmacognosy is one of the second-level disciplines of pharmacy. It is a science that studies natural sources of medicine, including Chinese medicine. It is an applied basic theory of herbal medicine, botany, chemistry, molecular biology, pharmacology, and graduate medicine....

  • Pharmaceutics


    Pharmaceutics is a science about medicines. It involves the research and development, manufacture and formulation and storage of medicines, as well as the detection of the characteristics, purity, composition and efficacy of medicines; at the same time, it studies the basic...

  • Medicinal Chemistry

    Medicinal Chemistry

    Medicinal chemistry refers to the discovery of the use of chemical concepts and methods to identify and develop drugs, and to study the mode of action and mechanism of action of drugs in the body at the molecular level. Medicinal chemistry is a discipline based on chemistry...

  • Pharmacy


    Pharmacy is a health care industry linking health sciences and chemical sciences. It is responsible for ensuring the safe and effective use of medicines. Pharmacology mainly studies the sources, preparations, traits, effects, analysis, identification, deployment, production,...

  • Integrative Medicine Clinical

    Integrative Medicine Clinical

    Integrative Medicine Clinical is a secondary discipline under the integration of Chinese and Western medicine. This subject mainly studies the theory and method of integrating traditional Chinese and Western medicine to solve the clinical problems of common diseases,...

  • Integrative Medicine

    Integrative Medicine

    Integrative Medicine Combines the traditional Chinese medicine knowledge and methods with Western medicine's knowledge and methods, on the basis of improving the clinical efficacy, clarifying the mechanism and obtaining a new medical understanding. The integration of...

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