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  • Financial Science

    Financial Science

    Financial Science: Financial science is a discipline that studies the formation and development of the financial distribution with the state as the main body. It mainly studies how the state can share a certain share of the social productive achievements and realize the needs...

  • Regional Economics

    Regional Economics

    Regional Economics: Regional economics is an applied subject that studies the characteristics of the regional economic operation and its law of development from an economic point of view. It mainly studies issues such as regional economic development conditions, operational...

  • Applied Economics

    Applied Economics

    applied economics: Applied economics is the application of the basic principles of theoretical economics to study the various sectors of the national economy, various professional fields of economic activity and the law of economic relations, or non-economic activities in the...

  • Population, Resources And Environmental Economics

    Population, Resources And Environmental Economics

    Population, Resources and Environmental Economics: Based on the basic principles and methods of modern economics, this subject mainly focuses on population growth, economic development and rational development of natural resources based on the interrelation among population,...

  • World Economy

    World Economy

    World Economy: Adapt to the needs of China's economic reform, opening up and development, and continuously introduce the theoretical frontier research results and the latest practices into the teaching process so as to gradually realize the internationalization,...

  • Western Economics

    Western Economics

    Western Economics: The major of Western economics mainly studies the economic theories prevailing in the major Western countries since the 1930s and the economic policies based on these theories. After a long period of time, it has its own characteristics in the following two...

  • Economic History

    Economic History

    By means of economic analysis, we should study the structure and historical process of economic development, study the development and evolution of economic organizations, economic systems and economic ratios, and study the interrelationship between economic and non-economic...

  • Theoretical Economics

    Theoretical Economics

    Theoretical economics is a subject under the category of economics. This subject discusses the basic concepts, basic principles of economics, and the general laws of economic operation and development, providing basic theories for various economic disciplines. Theory of...

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