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Pedagogy is a social science that studies educational phenomena, educational problems and their laws. It is widely present in human life. Through the study of educational phenomena and education issues, the general laws of education are revealed.
  • Physical Education Training

    Physical Education Training

    Physical education and training is a subject of physical education under the two disciplines, is the study of physical education and sports training basic theory and method of discipline. Based on the theories of modern education and teaching and sports human science, it...

  • Sports Human Science

    Sports Human Science

    Sports human science disciplines for the national key disciplines, training in sports science and technology coaches, sports nutrition and sports injury protection division, sports science researchers, national fitness guidance and research staff, sports human science...

  • Sports Humanities And Sociology

    Sports Humanities And Sociology

    Sports Humanities and Sociology refers to the use of humanities and social science theories and methods to study sports and people, sports and social relations, basic laws and other sports nature of a comprehensive discipline. Training to adapt to the needs of the development...

  • Physical Education

    Physical Education

    Physical education is a subject that studies the system of sports science and its development direction. Its content is mainly to study the structure, level and evolution of the sports science system; the disciplines should be set; the relationship between the...

  • Applied Psychology

    Applied Psychology

    Applied psychology is a branch of psychology in the rapid development of an important branch. Due to the needs of people in their work and life, a variety of topics related to the formation of psychology disciplines. Applied Psychology Research the basic principles of...

  • Development And Education Psychology

    Development And Education Psychology

    Development and Education Psychology includes two branches of developmental psychology and educational psychology. The discipline of developmental and educational psychology is a secondary discipline of psychology. The main study of the occurrence and development of...

  • Basic Psychology

    Basic Psychology

    The basic psychology is the common psychology. It is a general psychology that studies the basic principles and psychological phenomena of psychology. It is the most basic and general discipline of all branches of psychology. It is also the first specialized course for...

  • Psychology


    Psychology is a science that studies the psychological phenomenon of human beings and their mental function and behavior under the influence of both prominent theoretical and practical (practical). Psychology includes basic psychology and applied psychology in two fields. Its...

  • Education Law

    Education Law

    Education Law is a subject under the pedagogy of two subjects. Education Law is an interdisciplinary law and pedagogy subject to the law of education, the law of education and its law of development. To study how to stipulate all the rights and obligations in education...

  • Educational Technology

    Educational Technology

    Educational technology is an important achievement in the development of modern educational science. The educational technology participates in the educational process, changes the pattern of the entire educational process, changes the organizational sequence of the...

  • Special Education Major

    Special Education Major

    The professional training with the general theory of education, special children (children with mental and physical disability and extraordinary children) education and rehabilitation training theory and technology in special education teaching and research of theoretical...

  • Technical Education

    Technical Education

    The main professional for the secondary and higher vocational schools, educational administration and vocational education and research institutions to develop all-round development of moral and physical integrity, master the theory of modern vocational education, with strong...

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