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Science is an important subject in Chinese university education. It refers to the science that studies the basic laws of natural material movement.
  • Ecology


    Ecology, a concept defined by the German biologist Ernst Hayek in 1866: Ecology is a science that studies the interrelationship between an organism and its surroundings, including abiotic and biological environments. Has now developed into "the study of the...

  • History Of Science And Technology

    History Of Science And Technology

    The history of science and technology is a science on the birth, development and regularity of science and technology. In the history of science and technology, it is necessary to study the inherent logical connection and development law of science and technology as well as...

  • System Analysis And Integration

    System Analysis And Integration

    System Analysis and Integration "belongs to the second level discipline of" Science of Science "level 1. The purpose of Systematic Analysis and Integration is to deepen the cognition of human's general laws of system movement and evolution, and to realize...

  • System Theory

    System Theory

    System theory belongs to the systematic science advocated by academician Qian Xuesen. It is a system for studying the general mode, structure and laws of the system. It studies the common features of various systems, and quantitatively describes its functions by using...

  • System Science

    System Science

    System science is a new comprehensive and interdisciplinary discipline that studies the relationship between system structure and function, the law of evolution and regulation. It takes the complex systems in different fields as the research object and discusses the nature...

  • Biophysics


    Biophysics is an interdisciplinary course combining physics with biology. It is one of the important branch disciplines and fields in life sciences. Biophysics is a branch of biology which deals with the relationship between the structure and function of various levels of...

  • Biochemistry And Molecular Biology

    Biochemistry And Molecular Biology

    Biochemistry and molecular biology are both the foundation of life science and the frontier of life science. Biochemistry and molecular biology explore the essence of life at the molecular level, that is, the molecular structure and function of research organisms, material...

  • Cell Biology

    Cell Biology

    Cell biology is a science that studies the structure, function and various life rules of cells at three levels of microscopic, sub-microscopic and molecular level. Cell biology has evolved from Cytology, a study of cellular structure and function (especially chromosomes)....

  • Developmental Biology

    Developmental Biology

    Developmental biology is a science that studies the rules of organisms from sperm and egg to fertilization, development and growth to aging and death. Developmental biology is one of the most important basic branches of biological sciences. Its contents are interdependent and...

  • Genetic


    Genetics - Science that explores the laws of biological genetics and variation in the natural sciences. Study of gene structure, function and mutation, transmission and expression discipline. Genetics - The science of studying the genetics and variation of organisms, the...

  • Neurobiology


    Neurobiology, the 21st century star science. Neurobiology is the study of anatomy, physiology and neurobiology of the nervous system in biology. A branch of pathology. Since the 90s of the last century, the world's scientific research powers have speeded up their...

  • Microbiology


    Microbiology is one of the branch of biology. It is the study of the morphological structure of various micro-organisms (bacteria, actinomycetes, fungi, viruses, rickettsia, mycoplasma, chlamydia, spirochete protozoa and unicellular algae) at the molecular, cellular or...

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