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Admission Center For Advanced Studies In China Nov 24, 2017

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If you’re reading this, you’re probably a student choosing China as a country to study, and you’re most probably stressing about how to get help despite the large communication barrier. This articles comes from a foreign student studying in the city of Zhangjiakou of Hebei Province in China. There is no need to panic or stress.


The admission centers in China are more than just admission offices. They are places of help especially for foreign students who might have difficulties regarding their university or difficulty communicating. On the website of the ACASC, , you will find plenty on information regarding the courses you wish to pursue, the best universities to complete them as well as helpful lists of expenses and numbers.


China does its absolute best to accommodate all students both academically and socially. From a personal opinion, my experience in Zhangjiakou has been a helpful one especially due to employees of the admission center, who speak both Chinese and English, are accommodating and welcoming, and are extremely helpful. Before arriving here in Zhangjiakou, I was beyond anxious and stressed as I did not know who to possibly ask in China for help regarding where to go in the university, where to pay my fees and who to talk to regarding my visa or paperwork. I then soon realized that all I need do is ask. Chinese people and employees of the admission office are beyond helpful and do their best to communicate.


I was given all addresses and numbers I required, directed exactly where to go and what to do. The worry in the back of my mind had all faded.


If you’re considering coming to a city like Zhangjiakou you need not endlessly worry. There is a close relationship between staff at the university and the admission office. Information and requirements are always provided in a friendly way. Unlike may other countries the admission office plays an important role in the lives of students both before and after their admission as a student of the university.


As students we tend to over think situations, and because of the big language difference we forget that there are people ready to willingly help and guide us. Upon my arrival in China, I realized that all my previous worries has disappeared, and so will yours.



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