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Advice Team Apr 13, 2017

Without the help of a team who has an in-depth knowledge and understanding of China's admission system, your attempt to get admission in a university in China might be lousy or to no avail. 

ACASC's professional advice team is a group of well-trained personnel's that are fully trained to assist international students from around the globe from the beginning of their application process till they comfortably settle in China and afterward. 

Our professional advice team will enlighten you with the information about the university i.e.: 

i. The university ranking 

ii. Student life in the university 

iii. The cost of living in the city in which the university is situated 

iv. The application procedure 

v. Deadline of the university 

vi. Scholarship opportunities if any 

And about the course: 

i. Course curriculum 

ii. Related job opportunities 

For applicants who have no idea or have not yet decided about which university or course to study in China, our professional advice team will aid them at the very beginning of their application. Our professional advice team has created a very comprehensive guidebook, Starter's guide to aid applicants through the process. Applicants can glance through to have an insight on the whole process. 

Our professional advice team will assist the applicants on: 

i. About the education system in China 

ii. What to study 

iii. Where to study 

iv. When to apply 

v. How to apply 

vi. How to choose a course 

vii. Entry requirements 

viii. Course curriculum 

ix. Scholarship opportunities if any 

x. How to track your application 

xi. The meaning of the status of your application 

xii. The cost of application 

xiii. General student life in China 

xiv. General cost of living in China and other services and many more. 

In General, our professional advice team is very equipped with all the information that you'll need to smoothly get admission in your desired university in China and is ever ready to assist you.