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Anhui Normal University May 17, 2018

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 Anhui Normal University is located in Wuhu and is a provincial key university. The school currently has 15 colleges, 7 doctoral programs, 2 postdoctoral mobile stations, 8 master's degree programs, 88 master programs, and 60 undergraduate programs. The campus occupies a total area of 1,952,500 square meters and the total value of equipment and equipment is 190 million yuan. The library is rich in books and has a complete range of books. The total number of existing documents is 29.05 million. The school is one of the first batch of universities in the country that are allowed to recruit publicly-funded international students. It is also the national Chinese language education base and the Anhui International Center for Chinese Language Promotion. The school has received more than 3,000 long- and short-term international students in more than 30 countries and regions, and with dozens of universities and research institutes in the United States, Britain, Germany, Finland, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Japan, Vietnam and other countries and regions. Institutions and academic institutions have established long-term friendship and academic exchanges.