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Beijing University Of Technology May 16, 2018

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Founded in 1960, Beijing University of Technology is a multi-disciplinary municipal key university with a combination of engineering, management, and grammar. The school covers an area of more than 800,000 square meters. The school offers 43 undergraduate majors; 81 master's degree awarding points and 17 master's degree training fields for engineering, 8 first-level discipline doctoral awarding points, 37 second-level disciplines doctoral awarding points, and 13 post-doctoral research mobile stations. There are 3 national key disciplines in optics, materials science and structural engineering, 8 key disciplines in Beijing, 11 key construction disciplines in Beijing, 2 key laboratories for new functional materials, heat transfer enhancement and process energy saving, 3 Provincial Key Laboratory of Joint Construction, 12 Beijing-level Key Laboratories or Research Bases, and National Engineering Research Center for Precision Ultra-precision Machining, National-level Research and Production Laser Processing Center, Sino-German Laser Technology Center, and Digital Community Project of Ministry of Education Center, Advanced Manufacturing Technology for Automotive Structural Components, Ministry of Education Engineering Center, etc. By the end of 2007, there were 4127 full-time postgraduate students, 2,188 postgraduate students, 12,598 regular college students, 11,001 adult education students, and 164 foreign students.