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Documentation Checklist Before Arriving In China Dec 04, 2017

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Seeing that there are many tasks placed upon an individual when relocating to another country it may occur that the individual forgets important requirements such as the necessary documentation required by the university. Luckily the Admission Center for Advanced Studies in China  or commonly known as the ACASC provides students with a basic guideline and checklist that is beneficial before leaving for China.


Ø Most of the universities and institutes of learning in China send the original documentation for an international student via post/ mail. These documents need to be kept safe as they are extremely important in receiving a student visa or as commonly known an X visa. The documents that will most probably be mailed to you , from the learning institute you have already gained admission into are your JW202 form as well as your original admission letter. Once again please keep these documents extremely safe and make sure you have them with you upon arrival in China , as without them the Chinese Embassy will not grant you a student visa.

Ø In your home country , you must complete a physical health examination , preferably within a three month period before leaving for China. In some cases you may be required to redo this physical health examination in China at at an assigned Chinese medical practitioner. This physical health examination form/ certificate is as equally important as your admission form and JW202 form , so this needs to be kept safe and brought along with you to China.

Ø Visit a Chinese Embassy with all of the above documents that must first be attested. The Chinese Embassy will then decide the kind of visa you will receive.


Once you are on your respective flight to China , the air hostess on flight will provide you with arrival application form. It is important that you fill in this form correctly , if you are unsure of how to do this , flight attendants aboard will assist you upon request. This form should be kept with you until the immigration officers at the Chinese airport request it from you.


The ACASC is thoughtful for students who may not have their hotel or university address , therefore you may use the ACASC address and contact details.


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