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Duty Of The ACASC Nov 24, 2017

Duty of the ACASC.png

The duty of the ACASC is so simple that you wont have to go through any problems or suffer from coming to study in China. They have the

l Pre –Application ; The pre-application period is the period where international students are been given so much options. The options are to choose from your desired course you want to study and also the kind of university or college one wants to study in.

Application period ; The application period is the period where international students are given the simplest , most efficient, fastest and secured application services in universities and colleges.

l Post- Application ; After your application has been taken into consideration, you need enogh time to consider other things too. One will need a visa entry into China. Then when he or she enters China, his or her visa will be extended by the ACASC function in oder to be able to study one’s desired course.

l Pick up / Transition ; After one enters China, he or she will be picked up at the airport, thus the function will organise a bus to pick you up from the airport since you are new to the environment and have no idea of where to go.