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Hangzhou Dianzi University May 16, 2018

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Hangzhou Dianzi University is a teaching and research university with outstanding electronic information features, obvious advantages in management disciplines, and intersecting disciplines such as engineering, science, economics, management, literature, law, and education.  The school currently has 53 undergraduate majors, which are affiliated to 7 disciplines such as Engineering, Management, Economics, Science, Literature, Law, and Education. The school has 1 joint training doctoral point, 1 postdoctoral scientific research workstation, 11 first-level disciplines master's degree authorization points, 43 secondary disciplines master's degree authorization points, and 9 fields master degree of engineering master degree. It has 1 national defense discipline, 4 major disciplines in Zhejiang Province, 9 key disciplines in Zhejiang Province, 7 key disciplines in the Ministry of Information Industry, and 1 provincial key research base in the humanities and social sciences. The school has modern teaching buildings, laboratories, science and technology museums, stadiums, cultural activity centers, international exchange centers, libraries, etc. It has the second-largest gymnasium in Hangzhou, and hosts CBA basketball leagues, world sports e-sports competitions, etc. every year. Domestic and foreign sports events. The school has an advanced network information platform and various public service facilities. The school has extensive international academic exchanges and cooperation, and has established friendly cooperation with many famous universities and international companies and research institutions in the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Sweden, Belarus, Japan, Canada, Finland, Australia, New Zealand and other countries. In the relationship, we hired a group of foreign experts and professors to teach at the school. We have planned to send teachers to study abroad and participate in international academic exchanges, conduct in-depth cooperation in scientific research, personnel training, etc. Each year, we select some outstanding students to study at overseas universities and international schools. The characteristics are increasingly evident.