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China as a country that work hard hand on hand with its people to upgrade generally the life style of the people, to upgrade the level of  security and many more other criteria. Also china being the second largest in economy it has been able to partner with many countries forming laws and rules for security of its people, also gone further by forming agreement with more than 100 other countries for business partnership, to ensure better working and a chance to hire its people in working as a sector. Also this has allowed and given a lot of opportunities for foreigners to work and live in china.

As we all know to work one has to study first and have the knowledge and qualities of a particular work. This is where the study sector comes in, where by china ensured proper provision of schools and universities for its people.

The china overseas program offers an opportunity for all the foreign students who want to study in china and all the workers who want to work in china. You as a student who come in china for study will be sure of an outstanding education quality because china supports education at a bigger scale. Studying in china will give you as a student an experience of a lot of things, most importantly as a graduate will have an advantage of international recognition.

And as for working, it is easier for all the students who graduated in china with a certain level of education, either masters or degree. You will be known by the system in china and hence easier to get a job opportunity. The government laws and regulations govern all the natives and foreigners equaly,there fore one has to ensure having a working visa before actually taking a decision to work in china. Other than that you will have a problem with the police, and a Chinese law does not allow people to work without working visa or study without student visa. Being cought doing the opposite will lead to large fine or punishment or being burned out of the country completely.

Working in china also benefits the Chinese government due to tax payment of a particular worker. This is a benefit to both sides, the side of the worker he or she is able to provide basic needs for his or her life and family also gaining an income to start something big in the near future.  Well as for the government they benefit by collecting taxes inform of bills paid by that particular worker. And the bills are collected to fund other sectors, example the agricultural sector, educational sector, economic  sector to name a few.