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Role Of The ACASC In China Dec 04, 2017

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The Admission Center for Advanced Studies in China is both an admission and recruitment office for students from all over the world who have made the wise decision to study a degree of their choice in China. The center provides valuable information regarding some of China’s top learning institutes that are open to international students. Relocating to study in another country is often a difficult procedure, yet it is made easier by this center, which provides information, guidance and assistance from the first step to the last.


This center plays an extremely important role in the students journey to studying abroad. China has thousands of universities all with different advantages and the ACASC provides you as a student with the information about the university, requirements and informs you of the required documentation. They use their platform to help students apply and receive necessary documentation in whichever country they may be.


What exactly does the ACASC do to help international students?

· Provides easy access to international students regarding information about all universities, cities they are located in and which documentation they require.

· Provides students with latest updates regarding universities, fee structure and requirements.

· Students may find advice and tips on the website regarding living and studying in China as well as what should be expected of them before relocating.

· Application for international students are made easy as the website offers a simple yet safe online application regardless of where they may be in the world.

· Helps international students seek admission into some of the best universities for the degree of their choice.

· Provides international students with in depth information about programs that are offered and which institutes are best to pursue them in.

· Students may find beneficial guidelines on tips before and after relocating to China


The ACASC has the aim to help all students worldwide who are interested in living and studying in China. They do this by all necessary means starting from the application process right up until the students admission. Staff at the ACASC speak English and are of an extremely helpful nature to students regardless of which country they belong to.


Accurate and helpful service is provided making the lives of international students much more easier. Universities all around China have given the ACASC the responsibility of seeking admission for international students into China for a degree of their choice.