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Southern Medical University May 17, 2018

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Founded in 1951, Southern Medical University is a national key university with 2 campuses covering 2,194,400 m2. In recent years, the school has been ranked among the top 100 in the country in the list of colleges and universities. The school has 17 colleges including basic medical schools, Chinese medicine colleges, nursing colleges, biotechnology colleges, pharmacy colleges, and international education colleges. It has formed 6 affiliated hospitals, 45 non-affiliated affiliated hospitals and 65 teaching hospitals. Medical teaching alliance. At present, there are 51 undergraduate programs. The school currently has more than 18,000 full-time students, including more than 600 students. Subjects cover 7 disciplines such as medicine, science, engineering, literature, management, law, and economics. There are 10 doctoral degree-awarded first-level disciplines, 7 post-doctoral research stations, 75 doctoral authorization points, and 98 master's degree authorization points. 7 national specialties, 3 national key disciplines, and 2 national key disciplines. The school has established Shenzhen Nanfang Pharmaceutical Factory, South Lee Kum Kee Nutrition & Health Products Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Kangson Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and other internationally renowned pharmaceutical companies. More than 300 scientific and technological achievements have been achieved since 2004, and the world’s first scientific research product for SARS antigen detection kits, national Class I new drugs perfluoropropane human albumin microsphere injections, and f-PAX systems has been developed and succeeded. In the transformation, a number of new high-tech enterprises have been established in the fields of biomedicine, health food, medical devices, daily-use chemicals, and other medical-related fields.