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  • Chinese Medicine

    Chinese Medicine

    Chinese medicine is a medical science that studies human physiology and pathology, disease diagnosis and prevention, and rehabilitation, and has been used for thousands of years. Chinese medicine is a comprehensive science that focuses on the theory and practical experience...

  • Military Preventive Medicine

    Military Preventive Medicine

    Military preventive medicine is a discipline with strong application. Military preventive medicine as a new subject has been established for more than three years since the establishment of the Academic Degree Committee of the State Council and the State Education Commission....

  • Hygiene Toxicology

    Hygiene Toxicology

    Health toxicology (healthtoxicology) is a branch of toxicology that has a direct link with public health work, including the basic and generic names of environmental toxicology, industrial toxicology, food toxicology, pesticide toxicology, and radiation toxicology. Hygiene...

  • Child Health And Maternal And Child Health

    Child Health And Maternal And Child Health

    Child Health and Maternal and Child Health is a new disciplinary system that is based on the adjustment of the national disciplines and sets out the three disciplines of child health, child and adolescent health and women as a complete system. Child and adolescent hygiene is...

  • Nutrition And Food Hygiene

    Nutrition And Food Hygiene

    Nutrition and Food Hygiene It is a secondary discipline under the first-level discipline of public health and preventive medicine. It is a discipline that studies the relationship between food, nutrition, and human health. The discipline has a strong scientific, social and...

  • Occupational Health And Environmental Hygiene

    Occupational Health And Environmental Hygiene

    Occupational and Environmental Health (Occupational and Environmental Health) is an important branch of public health and preventive medicine. It is a study of the relationship between labor conditions, the natural environment and the living environment and the health of the...

  • Epidemiology And Health Statistics

    Epidemiology And Health Statistics

    Epidemiology and Health Statistics is first-rate disciplines. It is a discipline that uses the achievements of medicine, engineering, and social sciences to improve and protect people's health and prevent diseases. The main content of preventive medical research involves...

  • Oral Clinical Medicine

    Oral Clinical Medicine

    Oral clinical medicine is one of the two disciplines of stomatology. This discipline studies the occurrence, development, diagnosis and prevention of dental and oral and maxillofacial soft and hard tissue diseases. The Oral Clinical Medicine discipline has the following...

  • Oral Basic Medicine

    Oral Basic Medicine

    Oral basic medicine is a two-level subject established under the first-level discipline of oral medicine. This major will train medical senior professionals with the basic theory of medicine, clinical medicine knowledge, basic theory of stomatology, and clinical operation...

  • Stomatology


    Stomatology students mainly study the basic theory and basic knowledge of oral medicine, and are trained in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of oral and maxillofacial diseases, and have the basic ability of common oral diseases, frequent diagnosis, treatment, repair...

  • Emergency Medicine

    Emergency Medicine

    Emergency medicine, also known as emergency medicine or emergency medicine, is a specialized discipline for the study and treatment of emergency and critically ill patients, first-aid care, mid-care treatment, hospital treatment, and their organization and management. The...

  • Anesthesiology


    Anesthesiology is a science that studies clinical anesthesia, vital function regulation, severe monitoring and treatment, and pain management. It is usually used in surgery or first aid. In the Eastern Han Dynasty, China had already studied the science of anesthesia....